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Earlier today, an Osceola Jury found Deputy Dirio Sinclair guilty of the crime of battery.
The incident took place on May 6, 2021. Deputy Sinclair responded to a call for service in reference to an individual violating a domestic violence injunction. While being transported to jail, the individual in custody began to hit his head against the metal partition creating an injury to his head. As a result of the injury, Deputy Sinclair transported him to the hospital.
At the hospital, the individual (victim) became agitated and exhibited signs of a mental illness. A doctor at the hospital decided to Baker Act the victim and because of his agitated state, the victim was cuffed to the bed in the emergency room. While waiting transport to the mental health facility, a heated verbal exchange took place between the victim and Deputy Sinclair. During the altercation Deputy Sinclair walked over to the bed and pointed his finger, touching the victim’s face. After being touched, the victim pushed Deputy Sinclair’s hand away. As a result, Deputy Sinclair struck the victim several times.
Osceola Sheriff detectives conducted a criminal investigation into the actions of Deputy Sinclair. At the conclusion of the investigation, it was determined there was probable cause that Deputy Sinclair committed a battery. The case was sent to the State Attorney’s Office for their review and potential formal charges.
On July 27th, the State Attorney’s Office charged Dirio Sinclair with one count of battery. The trial concluded this morning and Dirio Sinclair was convicted of Battery. Deputy Sinclair had been placed on leave without pay pending the outcome of the criminal trial. The Sheriff’s Office has started the termination process. The Sheriff would like to thank the deputies who thoroughly investigated this case and testified at trial. He would also like to express his gratitude to the State Attorney’s Office, specifically prosecutor Peter Donnelly for his work on this case.
Finally, the Sheriff would like to thank the citizens of Osceola County who rendered a fair and impartial verdict.

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