Volunteer Program

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is committed to being a community-oriented law enforcement agency. If you are someone who enjoys working with others and wants to enhance your community, then we have an opportunity for you to volunteer at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Our Volunteer Services Unit (VSU) program is designed to give individuals a sense of personal satisfaction while performing meaningful roles which have a direct impact on strengthening the bond with the community, reducing crime, and improving the quality of life in your own neighborhoods. Members of our Volunteer Services Unit come from all areas of the community and have special skills learned from years of experience in their personal and professional lives. Our volunteers also contribute to the Sheriff’s Office in fulfilling its mission of protecting the residents and visitors to Osceola County. Volunteer Services Unit members are not sworn to as law enforcement.

Our volunteers serve in many capacities throughout the agency, including the Community Volunteer Patrol, Volunteer Chaplain Corps, the Volunteer Mounted Posse, and other opportunities within the office itself. Volunteers are also called upon to assist with special events in our community.

Volunteer opportunities are available in the following areas:

Community Volunteer Patrol duties

Volunteer patrol members will use a Sheriff’s Office marked volunteer patrol vehicle and patrol areas of the county. They can patrol parks, neighborhoods, and businesses and also conduct home vacation checks. Volunteer patrols will be trained to only observe and report suspicious persons or activities and assist at special events. Please keep in mind that our volunteers will have no lawful law enforcement authority and this is not a replacement for a law enforcement academy.

Chaplain Corps Volunteers

Chaplain Corps members holding certificates of the ordination of any faith are called to assist citizens and Sheriff’s Office employees in times of need. Chaplain Corp members also conduct Chaplain duties for community and Sheriff’s Office events. Chaplain Corps volunteers utilize an on-call schedule to be available at all hours. Chaplain Corps volunteers must also possess a Certificate of Ordination or similar.

Civilian Mounted Posse duties

Civilian Mounted Posse members selected must pass the required training and either own or have full access to a horse. Posse members assist law enforcement with a missing person or other searches, crowd control, and participating in local parades or community events. Posse members train monthly.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

As needs arise and as the program expands, we hope to have additional volunteer opportunities developed for assisting in other areas of the Sheriff’s Office. These could be helping out in the various Sheriff’s Office substations or main office, citizen boards, and with community events.

As a volunteer with the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office you will have a “front-row seat” to learn more about your Sheriff’s Office and be able to help make your neighborhood, your community, and your county a better place to live and visit. To be considered for a volunteer position, please click the link below and submit your application today. Once the application is received, you will be contacted to begin the background check process. For more information, email SOvolunteerservices@osceola.org