Special Operations

A multi-dimensional division that with the use of specialized training and equipment, conduct, operate, and assist in highly specialized operations throughout Osceola County.  Members of the Special Operations Division work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

OCIB (Osceola County Investigative Bureau)

A multijurisdictional anti-drug task force that targets mid to upper-level drug traffickers.  The task force includes representatives from the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, Kissimmee Police Department, Saint Cloud Police Department, Florida Department of Law Enforcement, and Florida Highway Patrol.


This unit consists of highly trained deputies, who seek and arrest impaired drivers. The DUI Unit also maintains all breathe test instruments in operation within Osceola County.

Aggressive Driving

The highly specialized deputies deploy marked and unmarked vehicles in order to combat aggressive drivers and illegal street racing.


Assist in traffic enforcement, traffic control, special event management and motorcade escorts. Deputies assigned to this unit are tasked with the escort and protection of any dignitary who travels within Osceola County.


Air units that assist in search and rescues, observations, high-speed pursuits, and the control of large-scale public events. Deputies assigned to the Aviation Unit also assist in the search and apprehension of wanted subjects or suspects in felony crimes.


Assist in the search of explosives, drugs, missing persons, and evidence in crime scenes.  Additionally, dogs assigned to the K-9 Unit are responsible for the tracking and apprehension of felony offenders.


With the help of special equipment the unit patrols and provide services to our waterways, and the more rural areas of the county. These highly trained deputies are tasked with search and rescue for missing or disabled boaters. Additionally, the Ag/Marine Unit is responsible for the investigation of any agriculture-related crime within Osceola County.

TNT (Tactical Narcotics Team)

The anti-drug task force that targets lower level/local drug traffickers. TNT deputies are also tasked with targeting any vice-related crimes to include Prostitution and Human Trafficking.

Fleet Management

The Fleet Management Section is tasked with maintaining, outfitting, and repairing any vehicle operated by the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office. Additionally, the Sheriff’s Fleet Management Section is responsible for maintaining all light-duty vehicles operated by the Osceola County Board of County Commissioners. Currently, the Fleet Management Section is responsible for maintaining over 1,100 vehicles.

Mounted Patrol/Volunteer Posse

Deputies assigned to Mounted patrol come together and with citizen volunteers assigned to the Sheriff’s Volunteer Posse. Deputies can be activated during special community events to assist with crowd control and aide with the operations of major events throughout Central Florida.  Deputies and Posse Members also assist in searching for missing or disabled persons.


Activated for community events, in order to avoid cutting manpower from essential operations. Reserve deputies can also be activated to assist in the case of a major catastrophic event where the extra help is needed.