The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office is dedicated to ensuring the safety of all its residents, and providing deputies with sufficient information during emergency response calls is essential for meeting residents’ needs. The OCSO Autism initiative aims to inform emergency responders of individuals with autism in homes or vehicles through decals. These decals allow deputies to draw on their autism training and recognize that the person in the home or car may not communicate, respond to verbal commands, or be aware of danger.
Residents of unincorporated Osceola County can obtain these decals free of charge and affix them near their front door or on their car’s rear window to alert law enforcement officers of the presence of an occupant with autism. If residents wish to participate in the program but do not wish to place the decal, they can fill out a form to request zero decals. The Sheriff’s Office will then flag the address in their dispatch system, allowing arriving deputies to be aware of the person with autism living in the home.

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Autism Decal