Juveniles Unleashing Maximum Potential (J.U.M.P.)

The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office created the Juveniles Unleashing Maximum Potential (J.U.M.P.) program to establish valuable relationships with the youths of Osceola County and as a catalyst to encourage positive decision-making. It is a mentorship program that benefits juveniles who have already been involved in the criminal justice system and those who have not by encouraging youths to make positive decisions.


  • Improving relationships between youth, the community, and the Police.
  • Provide opportunities to develop positive behaviors and habits.
  • Prevention of youth from entering/reentering the Criminal Justice System

Intended Outcomes and Benefits of the Program

  1. Reducing stigma around justice system involvement
  2. Preventing association with delinquent peers
  3. Providing youth with opportunities to connect with services in the community
  4. Improving relations between youth, community, and the Police
  5. Mentoring by pairing youth and a Deputy, who may serve as a positive role model for the young person and provide a caring and supporting relationship

More information: 407.388.1139 | OCSOOutreachServices@osceolasheriff.org