Halloween Safety Tips from Sheriff Marcos R. Lopez and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office

As Halloween approaches, Sheriff Marcos R. Lopez and the dedicated team at the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office are committed to ensuring the safety of our community’s children and families. Halloween is a time of fun and excitement, but it’s important to remember that safety should be a top priority during the festivities. To help you and your loved ones enjoy a safe and spooktacular Halloween, we have put together a list of essential Halloween safety tips.

1. Costume Safety: When selecting or creating costumes, consider safety first: Choose brightly colored costumes that are visible in the dark. Make sure costumes are the right size to prevent trips and falls. Avoid masks that obstruct vision; use face paint instead. Ensure costumes are flame-resistant, mainly if they include flowing fabric or capes.

2. Reflective Accessories: Incorporate reflective elements into costumes or use reflective tape on clothing and bags. This makes it easier for drivers to spot children while trick-or-treating in low-light conditions.

3. Stay in Well-Lit Areas: Stick to well-lit streets and neighborhoods, and use sidewalks whenever possible. Avoid dark, unlit areas that can be hazardous.

4. Adult Supervision: Children under 12 should always be accompanied by a responsible adult while trick-or-treating. Older children should travel in groups and establish a specific route.

5. Check Candy: Inspect all candy and treats before consumption. Discard any items with damaged packaging or suspicious-looking items.

6. Safe Trick-or-Treating Hours: Plan to trick-or-treat during daylight hours, and be sure to wrap up before it gets too dark. If you’re out after dark, carry flashlights or glow sticks for added visibility.

7. Road Safety: Use crosswalks and follow traffic rules. Teach children to look both ways before crossing the street. Drivers should exercise extra caution and slow down on Halloween night.

8. Pet Safety: Pets can be frightened by the costumes and commotion. Please keep them in a secure and quiet area to prevent them from becoming stressed or running away.

9. Stranger Danger: Remind children not to enter the homes of people they don’t know and to be cautious around strangers. Discuss the importance of staying with the group.

10. Emergency Contact Information: Ensure your child carries identification or emergency contact information, just in case.

11. Respect Private Property: Reinforce the importance of respecting private property and not entering yards without permission.

12. Food Allergies: Be mindful of children with food allergies. If you’re handing out candy, consider offering non-food treats as an alternative.

Halloween should be a time of joy and excitement for everyone. By following these safety tips from Sheriff Marcos R. Lopez and the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, you can help ensure that this Halloween is a safe and enjoyable experience for your family and community. By working together, we can make this holiday a memorable one for all the right reasons. Have a happy and safe Halloween!

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