Crime Prevention Programs and Seminars

Business Security Inspections

Frequent targets are public and private businesses. We offer a free security survey to enhance security for employees, customers and guests.

Business Watch Program

Businesses are often targets of armed robberies, thefts, credit fraud and scams. A Business Watch Program provides a network for businesses in the community to share vital information about criminal activity that might target their business. Crime Prevention Officers offer free training seminars for owners, managers, and employees on awareness, prevention and personal safety issues. Please contact the Community Services Division at (407) 348-1190 to inquire on any of our services.

Home Security Inspections

Burglary is a crime of opportunity. Specially trained crime prevention officers inspect citizen’s homes and advise them how to inexpensively remove the opportunity for burglaries. This service is offered free through the Sheriff’s Office.

Neighborhood Crime Watch Program

This program has proven to be the most effective method at reducing residential crimes. On a regular basis, participants meet with one of our crime prevention officers to discuss means of toughening their homes against crime and to discuss methods of suspicious activity identification. Acting as law enforcement’s eyes and ears, these concerned citizens are aware and pay attention to their neighborhood’s activities, not hesitating to contact 9-1-1.

Crime Prevention