The Osceola Sheriff’s Adventure

The Osceola Sheriff’s Adventure Camp is a six(6) week summer program to encourage children ages 11-14 to stay in school, away from criminal activity
and value individual differences. Each week a different set of 16 girls and 16 boys attend with over 30 Law Enforcement personnel who supervise the
youth twenty four hours a day.

Through activities and team building games, participants develop an understanding and tolerance through valuing individual differences, and
connecting with others while working towards a common goal. Campers strengthen their self-esteem, discipline, and self-worth.
Our deputies share their skills in Gun Safety, Archery, Swim Safety, Canoeing, Kayaking, Hiking and a High and Low Element Ropes
Challenge Course. Funding for the camp is strictly through fundraising and the generosity of local businesses and their sponsorships.


Friendships made and the qualities instilled last a lifetime!
For more information, contact the School Resource Officer at 321-697-4413


Adventure Camp Flyer