Volunteer Services Unit

The Volunteer Services Unit of the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office consists of two main components, the Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) and Administrative Volunteers.

Volunteers can be found in almost every area of the agency, from Crime lab to Vehicle Maintenance. Their considerable skills and life experience add a dimension to the agency and create an opportunity and environment for staff and volunteers to learn from each other.


Administration Unit

  • Assist with Administrative Support Functions for example; Recruiting, Human Resources, G.I.S., etc.)


Bike Patrol

  • Must be able to ride a 2 wheel bicycle
  • Ride bike with a cell phone


Chaplain Program

  • Spiritual guidance, assistance, and counseling for law enforcement professionals, their families, and the communities they serve
  • Death notifications to the general public
  • Victim assistance
  • Prayers at ceremonies
  • Additional duties


Citizen Observer Patrol (COP) is a volunteer unit of the Osceola Sheriff’s Office.  The program is comprised of over 15 individual COP units from neighborhoods much like your own.

  • Volunteers wear distinctive uniforms and drive specially marked vehicles
  • Each COP vehicle is equipped with a radio, a 9-1-1 cell phone and police scanner
  • Able to commit to a weekly 3-hour shift and monthly meeting


Elderly Assist Unit

  • Regular visits for houses that are vacant
  • Checking on persons that are elderly of infirm to ensure health and safety


Marine Unit

  • Must complete a USCG class within 6 months of appointment
  • Must have previous boating experience
  • Must pass a swim test
  • Must be able to lift 50 lbs., and get in and  out of boat without assistance


Media Unit Administration Unit

  • Writing and computer skills
  • Photography skills


Mounted Unit

  • Patrol unincorporated areas on horseback
  • Must be able to patrol on horseback a minimum of 3-hours a week
  • Volunteer and volunteer’s horse must attend basic training
  • Volunteer’s horse must be people friendly


Parking Enforcement Specialist (PES)

  • Attend a state certified 2-day course
  • 12 hour PES Field Training
  • Able to attend traffic court, if needed



  • Patrol throughout the unincorporated areas of the county
  • Assist motorists in distress
  • Assist with traffic crashes
  • Conduct directed patrols in identified crime areas


Traffic Monitoring

  • Monitor speeds on roadways throughout the county
  • Trained how to use radar
  • Work with speed trailers
  • Attend monthly unit meetings


Volunteer Emergency Response Team (VERT)

  • 24/7 call-out commitment
  • Travel county-wide
  • Traffic Direction
  • Able to stand in all weather conditions for hours
  • Attend monthly meeting and trainings


Volunteer Sex Predator/Offender Tracking

  • Assist the Sex Offender Unit
  • Inform neighborhoods of offenders in the area