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SWAT Team Wins First Place in Medic Challenge

PUBLISHED:Fri February 12, 2016

Osceola County, Florida – On February 11, Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies and Osceola County Fire Rescue paramedics won the 2016 Tactical/Medic Challenge which was held in Lake County this week. This event was the first in the state of Florida which included a team competition and educational symposium to improve the skill sets of both the medical operator and the non-medical operator. Each event had competitors all capable of engaging in handgun and shoulder fired weapons courses of fire. The Sheriff’s Office team of 6 competed in four categories: Care Under Fire & Tactical Field Care, Tactical Field Care & Tactical Evacuation Care and an Obstacle Course. The Osceola County team won first place and Deputy Sheriff Corey Griffin took first place in the individual tactical handgun competition.

The competition was hosted by the Lake County Sheriff’s Office, the Institute of Public Safety Lake Technical College and Tactical Element.
“Competitions like this provide training and education which help better prepare our team for real-life scenarios. Partnering with trained medics in our SWAT program enhances our current operations. I am very proud of all their efforts,” stated Sheriff Bob Hansell.

Pictured from left to right: Osceola County Fire Rescue Lt. Jeff MacAlister, Engineer/Parademic Margie Potts, Lt. James Ross, Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Sheriff Corey Griffin, Deputy Sheriff Aaron Young and Sheriff Bob Hansell. Not pictured: Osceola County Sheriff’s Office Agent Heath Riley.