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Sheriff's Office News Releases

Suspect Arrested for Making Threatening 911 Calls

PUBLISHED:Tue January 27, 2015

Osceola County, Florida – Osceola County Sheriff’s deputies arrested Madeline Clemons and charged her with 11 counts of Misuse of 911 System and 11 counts of Providing False Reports to Law Enforcement Authorities concerning the alleged commission of a capital felony.

The investigation began on January 24 when deputies responded to the area of 4245 Deer Run Road in St. Cloud, after dispatch received multiple threatening phone calls. The caller stated, “I will kill her” and “You will have no time to save her,” identifying the victim as Madeline Clemons. Deputies located Clemons at her residence, 3844 Henry J. Avenue in St. Cloud. Clemons was in good health and told deputies she did not know who would want to hurt her or who made the calls. On January 25, dispatch received more calls threatening to harm Clemons. Deputies again spoke with Clemons who stated it may be an ex-boyfriend. Deputies located Clemons’ ex-boyfriend, who initially did not cooperate with the investigation, but eventually told them he did not make the calls. When deputies reviewed his phone, they found conflicting text messages from Clemons. They spoke with Clemons a third time and she eventually admitted to making the calls. Clemons told deputies she wanted her grandmother to get mad and ask her to leave the residence. Deputies also recovered the phone Clemons used to make the calls. Based on the evidence and Clemons’ statements, she was arrested and booked into the Osceola County Jail with a $16,500 bond.

  • Madeline Clemons (DOB 8/18/82), 3844 Henry J. Avenue, St. Cloud