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Sheriff's Office News Releases

Suspect Arrested for Aggravated Battery Domestic

PUBLISHED:Wed January 4, 2017

Osceola County, Florida – Osceola County Sheriff’s Deputies responded to a residence on South Michigan Avenue in St. Cloud, FL about a disturbance early Wednesday morning. The investigation revealed that during a verbal disturbance the suspect, Kerry Catte D.O.B. 04/25/1963 drove his truck into the house, hitting a family member. The victim was transported to St. Cloud Hospital with non- life threatening injuries.

The Osceola County Building Department was notified about the damage to the home and after evaluating it, deemed it structurally sound.

  • Kerry Catte D.O.B. 04/25/1963
    Charges: Agg Battery Domestic F.S.S. 784.045 (1) (A) (2)