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Sheriff's Office News Releases

Shooting Investigation

PUBLISHED:Tue April 21, 2020

Osceola County (April 21, 2020) On April 20, 2020, at 4:25, AM the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office received multiple 911 calls, where residents reported shots fired and a house fire in the area of 246 Strathmore Circle, in Kissimmee. As deputies were en route to the scene they received information that the shooting which took place was possibly a “drive-by” type shooting. Deputies arrived at 4:29 AM where they confirmed the house at 246 Strathmore Circle was fully engulfed and began looking for possible victims. At 4:32 AM deputies located a victim who sustained injuries from the shooting. Deputies with the victim requested OCFR due to his injuries and the house fire at 246 Strathmore Circle, which appeared to be completely consumed by fire. Deputies continued to respond and assess the scene looking for additional victims, suspects or any other persons involved in the incident. At 4:37 AM OCFR arrived on scene to tend to the injured male and the house fire. At 4:43 AM, as deputies continued to respond and investigate the incident, a person began shooting in the direction of the Sheriff’s Office and Fire Department personnel. The ambush-style shooting appeared to be coming from the house that was consumed by fire. Deputies and OCFR personnel sought cover and deputies established a perimeter to contain the possible suspect. Due to the fire throughout the home and the suspected gunfire that came from the home, deputies held their position until it was deemed safe to approach the property, once the fire subsided. At 7:44 AM the Sheriff’s Office SWAT team approached the burned down property in order to clear the scene. Deputies discovered a deceased male within the burned debris of the home on the second story. The deceased male was later identified as Elijah Marcus Smith DOB 10/31/78, who was the resident of the home.

Elijah Marcus Smith

Elijah appeared to have succumbed to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. A handgun and rifle were later discovered on the property. In the investigation deputies determined three homes and an OCFR vehicle were impacted by gunfire and preliminary evidence shows that the projectiles fired came from 246 Strathmore Cir., in which Smith was the only occupant and likely shooter. The adult male victim who suffered injuries is in stable condition. This investigation continues and detectives are working along with the State Fire Marshal in this case. Anyone with information related to this case should contact the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office at (407) 348-2222.