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Sheriff's Office News Releases

Openings for May 14 Self-Defense Awareness Program

PUBLISHED:Thu April 30, 2015

Osceola County – The Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has openings for a self-defense awareness program for women scheduled for May 14, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. Self Defense Awareness Familiarization Exchange or SAFE is designed to educate women on how to protect themselves if they should become a victim. The 2-hour class teaches that 90% of self-defense is awareness, risk reduction and avoiding confrontation, while only 10% is physical.

“Taking responsibility and educating yourself is the first step in staying safe. Although you may not be able to prevent an attack from occurring, there are ways to protect yourself and lessen your chances of becoming a victim,” states Sheriff Hansell.

To sign up for the free class, call (407) 348-1105 or email