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Sheriff's Office News Releases

8th Annual Gas for Guns Results 96 Guns Collected

PUBLISHED:Fri August 21, 2015

Osceola County, Florida – Yesterday, the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office, in conjunction with Crimeline hosted a Gas for Guns program that resulted in 96 guns. Two of the guns were illegally modified and one gun was reported stolen.

This program encourages citizens to bring in unwanted guns which reduces the chance of guns falling into the wrong hands. Gas for Guns is designed to encourage citizens to trade in their guns for $50 gas cards. The gas cards will be purchased with proceeds from the forfeiture fund, money seized by the Sheriff’s Office as a result of being connected with a commission of a felony crime. Other law enforcement agencies in Central Florida also sponsored similar programs.

This is the eighth year the Osceola County Sheriff’s Office has participated in Gas for Guns. In previous years, the Sheriff’s Office collected nearly 800 weapons.