Five Types of Workplace Violence

Listed below are the five types of violence that occur in the workplace:

  1. Armed Robbery
    This is the most prevalent form; constituting approximately 75-80% of workplace violence. The assailant(s) use force to obtain money and / or goods.
  2. Customer / Client-on-Employee / Supervisor
    This type of crime differs from armed robbery in the respect that monetary gain is not the motivation for violence.
  3. Employee or Former Employee-on-Fellow Employees and / or Supervisors
    This is perhaps the most notorious type of workplace violence; otherwise known as the “disgruntled employee”.
  4. Spouse / Partner-on-Employee
    This type of incident is usually an artifact of domestic violence that spills over into the workplace.
  5. Terrorism / Hate Crime
    This type of workplace violence is typically motivated by intentions to advance a religious or political agenda.