Crisis Planning

When a violent incident occurs in the workplace, it is important that an organization have a crisis plan in place in order to avert further damage. Workplace violence typically takes the form of a bomb (threat), a shooting, or a stabbing. Therefore, an organization needs to have evacuation routes and a set of broad guidelines that dictate what actions employees are to undertake in the event of a crisis. The routes and guidelines should be put forth in written form and available to all employees.

Some suggestions for organizations are:

  1. Notification of a crisis should be made through the use of a fire alarm system, intercom system, telephones, or messengers.
  2. The CMT members should wear visual identifiers (e.g. hats or armbands).
  3. Evacuation routes should be clearly identified and posted.
  4. An organization should practice evacuation drills on a consistent basis.
  5. Employees should remain calm, use common sense and good judgment, and follow the directives of emergency personnel.