Patio Doors, Garage Doors, and Other Exterior Doors

Frequently sliding glass are points of entry for burglars. They should be stabilized by a folding bar inside the door, or with a stick wedged firmly in the lower track behind the door. This will help to reinforce the door’s standard lock.

Another type of entry from sliding patio doors is removal from their track. Many can be lifted from their tracks in a matter of seconds. The ease of this can be minimized by the installation of screws above the door in the frame, cutting down the amount of open space over the door.

Doors leading to the outside of the house should be solid, not hollow. If these doors contain windows, they should be unbreakable material and out of reach of any locks. All door pins should be on the inside of the structure.

Garage doors are as important as front and back doors for security. They should be of solid structure and remain locked when not in use.

Garage doors can be secured by placing a lock in the track. Your automatic garage door opener should be unplugged when leaving for an extended period of time or while on vacation.

Answering your door without knowing who is outside can result in personal contact with a criminal. Make it a practice to view callers through a window or glass door panel. Install a 180-degree door viewer in the door.