Trees and shrubbery should not block the view of doorways and windows. As you can see below, this obstruction allows an intruder the opportunity of privacy to gain entrance.

Ornamental porch and yard post lamps are a means of eliminating night blind spots. Burglars don’t like well-lit areas. There is too much of a chance that they might be spotted.

Install exterior lighting. The best possible location for outside lights is under the eaves. This makes ground-level assault more difficult. You can buy an inexpensive timer or photoelectric cell, which will automatically turn the lights on at dusk and turn them off at dawn.

To give the appearance that you are at home, use an electric timer to turn lamps on in the evening and off at your normal retirement hour. Timers can be used to turn on radios as well as lamps. Use at least one timer on each floor of the house.

Ladders and other stepping devices should be chained up in a horizontal position or locked in a garage. Such items left unsecured can be used to gain entrance through second story windows.

You should clearly display your house number. Law enforcement officers and emergency vehicles can recognize your home resulting in an early response in case of an emergency.