Skimmer Technology Improvements

Ten years ago, skimming was much less common, Skimmers were too bulky to carry around and had to be hidden under counters. Smaller skimmers, roughly the size of a pager, hit the scene two or three years ago. These skimmers are easy to carry, easy to hide and easy to buy.

A few years ago you had to make a skimmer yourself. Now you can go on the Internet and buy one. Everything needed to pull off this crime is available on the Internet. A skimmer costs about $300, and the equipment to make a counterfeit credit card cost about $5,000 to $10,000.

If it weren’t bad enough, there’s another kind of skimming going on as well. A thief slips a small, skimming bug into an older credit card terminal. The bug pulls credit card data from their terminal. A few days later the thief removes the bug. The bad guy comes and takes out the bugs and no one’s the wiser.